Reaching Amazon’s Best Seller’s List – What Does it Mean?


By now you’ve probably heard the news that the co-authored book, The Success Blueprint, with personal development and business guru, Brian Tracy, reached Amazon’s Best Seller’s List.  Not just once, but twice!

The excitement is incredible!  At a recent event, I was in a group of people when asked, “How did you reach Amazon’s Best Seller’s List?” Before I could respond, a person in the group shouted, “She sold a lot of books!”

At that point in the discussion, I couldn’t help but clarify. While reaching the level of Amazon’s Best Seller’s List technically means a certain number of books were purchased.  “Selling” books is one way to look at this accomplishment.  Add into the fact that not one but two Amazon Best Seller’s List were accomplished…well, that is a lot of book!

But that is not what I see.  What I see is people…. the amount of people who thought:

  • This book can help me.
  • This book speaks to me.
  • I need this information.
  • This information can help me.
  • I need this book.

We see the number of people being helped. We see the number of people who decided to do something to solve the problems that keep them up at night, rob joy, and prevent them from living the life they want and deserve! That’s what we see.  That’s what I see too.

When learning that The Success Blueprint hit Amazon’s Best Seller’s List…twice…in 48 hours…my immediate thought was, “Oh my gosh!  We helped that many people!” My second thought was, “There are many more to help.”

As I shared some of these thoughts with the group, I also noted that celebrating success is always important.  What’s even more important is revising the goal from helping thousands of people to hundreds of thousands to a million to millions of people being helped.  To help, serve, share, listen, encourage, reach, train, show, and hear their successes…. celebrate their successes…how their lives are better – yes, their goals reached.

Because at the end of the day, it isn’t about the number of books sold…it’s about the number of people helped.  Making a difference in people’s lives. Yes, we celebrate successes and what is celebrated more is the number of people’s lives being helped…that’s what we celebrate. We celebrate YOU!

And while we’re celebrating…a Special Edition of The Success Blueprint is available exclusively at

The mic is open…post your comments, questions, share your results after using the tips in The Success Blueprint…and always…Make today GREAT!


Dr. Deb



Start Strong 2017!

Just Because Most Don't Make It Doesn't Mean YOU Can't!

Just Because Most Don’t Make It Doesn’t Mean YOU Can’t! @GrantCardone

New Year’s Day.  Another year.  Another set of resolutions.  Another attempt to “get it right” this year!  Yeah, this year is going to be THE year!  But will it? For many, every year starts the same…the intention to do “it” this year. Whatever “it” is…lose weight, quit smoking, stop drinking, eat healthier, find a new job, finish the degree, fall in love, spend less/save more…the endless list of “it.”  Then, we are hit with the information that says we’re set up to fail before we even start! According to Statistic Brain, only 8% of people are successful in achieving their resolution. Yes, you read that right…8 (freaking) percent!  Forbes confirms this stat.  Psychology Today does too. And almost 50% of resolutions made fall into the category of Self Improvement or Education.  Does this mean that we fail ourselves? Does this mean people don’t value themselves enough to succeed?  Does this mean that our habits truly take over our brain and control our actions regardless of our intention?

Think about it.  What prevents you from achieving a resolution?  What prevents you from on December 31, 2017 rocking out the New Year into 2018 shouting, “I DID IT!”

What prevents us from being able to reach success???

Okay, before everyone starts thinking and feeling all doom and gloom…there is hope.  Keep in mind that we hear of success stories every year.  The Cinderella.  The Underdog.  The Long Shot.  Whatever you call it, these are average people doing the impossible.  Well, impossible by statistics. Like Gladwell’s book Outliers, we all can be an outlier.  Yes, you and I can defy statistics.  We can basically screw up those stats and stump the scientist, professor, guru of all things resolution.  I think that sounds pretty cool – to defy statistics, be an outlier, and succeed in reaching our goal!

 How can I learn what to do?  Where can I find support, help, and a system to do this?To Start Strong and defy statistics?  This week’s PTSDChat is THE place to be because we’re going to share and discuss the stuff you need to know and use to do exactly this! Come prepared with your questions, challenges, and objections…bring it on!  Because by the end of the Radio Show and Twitter PTSDChat, you’ll be equipped to Start Strong!  Remember…get settled a few minutes before; get your notepad/paper and pen, coffee/tea/water, use the restroom…you’ll want to be there for the full hour, to take notes, listen, learn, and Start 2017 Strong!

 Think Great.  Be Do Great.  Be Great! – Dr. Deb

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